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Create Strategic Partnerships that Help You Change Your World for the Better

Like more and more great companies and people, we’ve come to realise that what most people want revolves around living a good life, love and food!  There is a growing yearning to do the right thing and be part of something bigger than ourselves, yet modern day life is leaving many people and the planet feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.  We want to help people do better together by joining forces to achieve a shared vision for a better world for all. We offer personalised partnership solutions that are right for forward-thinking, well-intentioned individuals in key stakeholder roles in business, Government, NGO, Community Organisations, Educational Institutions, Corporates, social enterprise and NFP, who want external support to identify and engage with the right strategic partners to leverage assets, expand resources, create innovative offerings, negotiate terms and conditions, and deliver win-win results for all.



We believe that mothers have the power to change the world and they take many forms, not just mothers of biological children.  They are natural collaborators and nurturers.  They influence and make the vast majority of day to day purchase decisions that vote for the kind of world we want.  We want to be a driving force in helping to support and partner those that share our vision to create a better world by helping people make the best possible purchase decisions easily.
It’s time to mother nature!


We aim to minimise the noise and misleading marketing that overwhelms and influences many poor purchase decisions, redirecting the money of Australian and other households and businesses into creating the kind of world and life that people really want.  We want to put the soul back into business and communities through a genuinely aligned P2P (people to people) focussed service that minimises waste and helps them achieve objectives and create powerful solutions.


We do this by helping to create personalised partnership solutions that align with available budgets and resources to assist people to build their partnership capability through training, with pitch strategy, building strong relationships, providing advisory and mentorship during the process, identifying or creating innovative opportunities, making partner introductions, scouting for right fit opportunities and leveraging our extended networks.


After a decade long successful career in corporate, followed by building several businesses of my own, and having a great deal of fun, I felt a growing misalignment between my career and personal values. In 2010, I moved to the Blue Mountains in search of some answers following some big life events.  I gradually fell out of love with the traditional growth economy – realising it was at the core of most of the world’s social and environmental problems.  I felt burnt out and realised many other people do to.

After taking a break, stripping away many veneers and seeing life in a whole new light, I decided to use my skills, network and experience in strategic partnerships for the greater good. Novello Partners is a boutique firm so we only take on a few select clients at a time. I am personally involved in the projects and I leverage a network of stellar partnership professionals, plus a large and fast growing network around the globe to get to the best possible outcomes.

I love to work with well-intentioned individuals and brands who genuinely wish to work towards a win-win economy. It’s about creating what is smart, not cheap – because cheap costs us more than many of us realise.  I believe that for the most part living a good life is much easier than most of us realise.

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We believe finding the right kind of connection makes all the difference and it’s what we love to do.


We believe in the power of strong and engaged communities and work with clients who feel the same.


We commit to clients who are fully committed to their cause, communities, and partnerships.


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